Soul Fire Power Yoga offers various workshops throughout the year to help enhance your yoga practice. Whether you are an experienced yogi with us here at Soul Fire or have little yoga experience you are welcomed to join us at our workshops. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the workshop, no matter your personal experience level.

Practicing yoga is a guided experience of self-reflection, meditation, flexibility and balance. It is an ongoing journey, where perfection is simply a myth. We are all always learning yoga, no matter how much yoga experience we individually have. You do not need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. You do not need to know how to hold a headstand without feeling a major head rush to do yoga. If you are excited and willing to try something new, you can do yoga. All you need is yourself, a good attitude and a willingness to sweat! Let us help you enhance your practice and have a little fun while doing so. See you on the mat!

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Intro to Yoga Sculpt

Power Yoga Sculpt is a heated flow to tone and strengthen your muscles through isotonic and isometric movements – holding poses, and specific dynamic movements to strengthen your muscles, increase your cardio output and caloric burn. Each class will focus on a specific group of muscles. Temperature is 90 degrees F. Intro to Yoga Sculpt […]

Mobility Rx

Mobility Rx Come join Mike for this 8 week series of Mobility and the Science of Self Care! These interactive classes are a full hour of self-care, treatment techniques and learning. We will explore the most common ailments experienced in every day living. Each class will focus on a specific movement pattern and muscle group. […]

Meditation Immersion

Meditation…”I don’t know how. I’m too restless for that. I have to get better at yoga before I meditate.” Sound familiar? Yoga is more than just moving your body, sweating, stretching and getting stronger. These are all great attributes, for sure. Meditation compliments asana (yoga poses) and is a stand alone source for improving your […]