Having a background in Phys Ed and Recreation & Leisure Services, I was naturally drawn to yoga several years ago. I first felt the drawn towards teaching yoga shortly after I began to practice, around the year 2000.  It took about 15 years, the encouragement of other teachers, hearing teacher training mentioned in class and having conversations with others, for the desire of expressing & sharing myself to the world became more real. 
In the summer of 2016, I attended a 200 hour teacher training.
When I have free time, I like to cook, practice yoga, cycle, garden, self improvement & spiritual practices, bake, be creative, spend time with family & friends and I sing at church.
I am a 200 hour trained yoga teacher and have CYA-E-EYT 200, currently enrolled in 300 hour TT.


As the Studio Owner, I am so excited to evolve and grow with you & the Soul Fire community! 


I went to college the same year I graduated from high school, unsure of where I was headed in my career life. I decided to take general arts and science. It’s an open course that allowed me to explore more areas of studies then having to choose my life path at that time. 2 years and a diploma later, I realized I might enjoy office administration. Word documents, excel, these programs were something that came naturally to me. So I went back to Niagara College for another year to study & I hold a certificate in this program. I am also certified in CPR and Smart Serve. I started practicing yoga in 2012, right here at Soul Fire. One reason I decided to take teacher training was the connection I felt to the practice as a student. Yoga has always been a constant place for growth and a place of acceptance, no matter how messy I show up. Along my journey of being a student, I started to notice I wanted to be on the opposite side, as the teacher. The idea of helping someone through something on or off their mat, or providing a fellow yogi with a super sweaty class, leaving them strong physically and mentally, the idea of that had me intrigued and excited. Best decision I ever made for myself. During my free time I like to stay busy. I’m often out riding my bike around town or on some local trails; kayaking and hiking are also some of my favourite summer activities. I’m happiest when I’m outside, staying active. I enjoy watching standup comedy or funny movies. I love diving into a good book, something from the self help section, or books about yoga. Ask me what I’m reading when you see me around the studio – I usually love to share on what I’m currently reading. I am a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training grad, the Assisting Intensive Program and 20HR Yin Training.


I have a few interests that I pursued post secondary – a Business and Mass Media Communications degree from Brock University,    Photographic Image Making degree from Ryerson University and a teaching degree from D’Youville Teachers College. My first ever yoga class was a hot yoga class in California at least 15 years ago. Coming home to Niagara, it took me a few years before I got back into yoga. I started back up at Soul Fire in 2016.  
I was a ballerina for several years growing up. I missed ballet and being a part of a collaborative community. I became a yoga teacher because I could see myself as a part of this growing and learning community. I also took the training because I have always been interested in the carriage/form of the body during different activities, so naturally I wanted to learn about the benefits of yoga poses and how to align all body types.  
I spend my free time planning trips and events; I meet such amazing people in the process. I’m a part of the Canadian Charity Adventurers – we’ve paddled in ultra canoe races, and crossed Lake Ontario in a dragon boat. Next summer, we hope to work our way through some Alberta mountains and lakes.  We’ve fundraised for Kids on the Hills, Lyme Disease Awareness and Make-A-Wish. In the summer, when the roads and trails are clear, I’m usually on a bike. And, I will always make time for my nephew!
I have a 200 hour Teacher Training, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Healing Heroes training, Assisting, and Yin Training.

Amanda R

I have a degree in Media and Communications from Brock University. During my undergrad, I spent a semester abroad in Leeds, England, where I quickly learned my love for travel ultimately trumped my ability to sit still in a lecture hall. My inability to enjoy prolonged stillness has driven my active lifestyle. If you need me, I’m most likely outdoors – on a hike, walking my dog, jumping in a lake, paddle boarding, you get the idea! My need for movement is what lead me to yoga. Growing up as a dancer and gymnast, I always admired the endless possibilities of the human body. When I took my first yoga class (circa 2009), I immediately fell in love with the remarkable physicalness of yoga – the flexibility, balancing & strength. It wasn’t until later in my years of practicing yoga where I discovered the challenges and possibilities that yoga provides through exercising my mind. I love sharing my love for yoga with those who are curious and open for something new. I received my 200 hours at Soul Fire and have plans for further yoga education. I teach yoga so I can forever be a student, and continue growing with this wonderful community!


I graduated many moons ago from the University of Windsor with a degree in Sociology and a certificate of Criminal Justice. I first started practicing yoga in 2012 when I moved to St. Catharines from Windsor. It was a great way to meet people in a new city. What first drew me into this particular style was the physicality. I loved the intensity and the heat. Actually I think I just tolerated the heat and then learned to love it. Soon, the practice was about much more than the physical and more about the mental and spiritual. After practicing for about a year, I decided to take my yoga teacher training. I wanted to learn how to share this practice in an impactful way. It was a big step for me as I was petrified of public speaking, but I knew there was something about Baptiste Yoga that was much bigger than my fears.
When I’m not at the studio, I’m a mom to 4 growing kids. When we can tolerate one another, we enjoy travelling, being in or on the water, hiking and Netflix marathons. When I need a break from the chaos, you can usually find me reading a book. 
I am a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training graduate, Assisting Intensive, Assisting Level 2 & Level 1 Baptiste Training.


I have a degree in Hospitality Management and have worked in the industry since I was 14 because I love connecting with people. I started practicing yoga in 2011 and hated it at first! I realized it was challenging me and that ended up being why I love it so much. My yoga practice has helped me through many difficult times in my life and it always keeps me evolving. I became a yoga teacher to deepen my knowledge of the practice and share the gift that is yoga with others. In my free time you’ll find me doing yoga, hiking, gardening, cooking and reading. I love to spend time with my wonderful family and friends. I am a graduate of Soul Fire 200HR Yoga Teacher Training. 


I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration from Brock University. I have been practicing yoga since 2001. Why did I become a yoga teacher? Simply put, my love of yoga. Becoming a yoga teacher felt like a very natural next step for me. Yoga has been the constant in my life through all of life’s changes. It’s a practice that brings me back to my centre and back into what is real. Like a reset button. By teaching yoga my hope is to inspire others to discover all of the benefits of yoga and live a more peaceful, healthy, extraordinary life. When I have free time, I like to read, write, chill with my husband and kids, ski, hike and practice YOGA ! I am a certified 200 hour yoga teacher; I have completed Baptiste Yoga Level 1 and 2, & a 40 hour Assisting Course. 


I have a degree in Physical Education & Disability Studies as well as Teachers College.
I’ve practiced different forms of yoga for many years and started an everyday yoga practice around 2013. I love to move and flow. I’ve found something in yoga that was different. I found the opportunity to move with strength and grace. I want to share my passion and empower others to step into their strength + power. When I have free time, I like to….Practice yoga!! I love physical activity. I also love my family and friends. I’m obsessed with music and can’t wait for my next concert !
I am a 200hr teacher training graduate and attended the Baptiste Teachers Course.


I have an Honours BA English, from McMaster University, 2006. I started practicing yoga in March 2017. I was going through a monumental shift in my life a few years ago and knew teacher training was the next step for me.
When I have free time, I like to go for drives, listen to Classic Rock, get coffee and drinks with friends, read, hang out anywhere near or on water. 
I completed teacher training in Winter 2018, Assisting Program 2019 & Co-facilitator of 40 Days to Personal Revolution Fall 2020!!!